October 22nd, 2009

Jamie 5

Jamie Bamber says thank you!

About two weeks ago Jamie has written his second blog entry and he was asking his fans for a favor to support him for a good cause. Now he says thank you to all who visited his fundraising page and supported him and Sparks.

Jamie's fundraising page can be found at Sparks.co.uk.

"So we did it. I want to say a huge thank you to all who visited the site and supported us. I was really amazed at the generosity shown and the incredible amount you all gave over what was about a week. Thank you.
The challenge itself was great fun. It started with Keri and I running whilst Kenny and James cycled. The measuring of the course for our run was a bit out and what was supposed to be 10km turned into 14km! I also managed to take a wrong turn because I had gone out fast and found myself in the lead by quite a way and was catching up to some of the individuals event participants who were finishing their race that had started earlier, so I followed them to the finish three laps early before having to double back to the main circuit again... a bit keen I guess. Anyway I managed to get the three or so minutes back and got back to the front again and won the run which is the first race I have ever won I think. James Cracknell was waiting at the finish having won his bike ride easily and Kenny came in a few minutes afterwards in second place. Our team mate Keri, who had bid quite a bit to be on our team ran a personal best despite being surprised by the extra 4 km!
The best part of the day were the mental and skills challenges. We were all helping each other, laughing at our own inability to solve mathematical and verbal puzzles and there was a real banter between the various teams trying to get a jump on the rest... finally we hauled each other through the obstacle course to take the tape at the finish.
It was a wonderful day out and one I highly recommend to groups of friends, work colleagues, extended families and so on. A real sense of team camaraderie and achievement at the end of it. Add to all that that Sparks will make tens of thousands as a result and you have the perfect go-get-em saturday. Of the eleven teams that did the longer course (epic) we came second although I think we may have done one better had Kenny's name not been on the event! xx Jamie"