March 22nd, 2010

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'Law & Order: UK' Season One - Target Exclusive Region 1 Release!

Yes, you are reading the headline right. The DVDs are being released tomorrow, Tuesday, March 23rd. After spotting the Law & Order: UK cover art in this weeks Target ad I emailed zegeekgirl wondering if this was some sort of mistake. Being the intrepid reporter she is, she dug deeper and found the DVDs for pre-order on Target's website. georgiesmith, over at louk_mattdevlin, emailed the folks over at and they have confirmed the Target exclusive, though received no advance word on the release. It's unbelievable that NBCU would release the series on DVD with absolutely no fanfare and before it airs on US television, but grab it while you can! It's unclear whether it's an online exclusive, as stated on the website, or can be picked up in stores. I'm going to swing by Target tomorrow morning and see if it's there.

Law & Order UK: DVD Art (US release)

Law & Order UK: DVD Cover Art (US Release)

Thanks to zegeekgirl and georgiesmith for their legwork on this while I was down with a headache last night. Your efforts are much appreciated!

ETA: now has posted about Season 1 of 'Law & Order: UK' on DVD. No new information, thought they seem to think the DVDs will also be available in stores.