June 13th, 2010

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Character of the Month: Tom (no last names, please!) in "Ghost Rig"

(NOTE: I originally planned to cap the film in a more complete way, but I got fed up trying to get good shots because 90% of the film is pitch frigging dark. So you're basically getting the good Jamie shots, with occasional bonus Kerry. I doubt anyone will take me to task for that. ;) )

Title: Ghost Rig (aka The Devil's Tattoo)
Release Date: July 2003 (US, DVD); September 2003 (UK)
Availability: On DVD

Synopsis: Ghost Rig is ostensibly a horror film.  It's got problems.  Problem #1, it's just not that scary.  Problem #2, the script is utilitarian at best and ham-fisted at worst.  And Problem #3, it does not end with Jamie Bamber and Kerry Norton destroying a demonic entity, exploding an oil rig in a shower of flames and schrapnel, kissing passionately and then sailing to safety with enormous shit-eating grins of "YEAAAH, EAT THAT, EVIL!" plastered across their faces. Ah, well, if you're going to appear in a tepid horror movie, a) make sure you get to play the most sympathetic characters, and b) remember, it's easier not to regret it in the long run if you gain a spouse in the process. Love = 1, bad career moves = 0.

Worth Watching? Despite its pervasive mediocrity, I'd say yes; it's a rare chance to see Jamie and Kerry act together (they didn't have many scenes together, if any, on BSG) and there are actually one or two pretty decent moments.

Does he live or die? I'm going to be mean and make you read the recap to find out, but consider this - horror movie characters have the deck stacked against them to begin with, and given poor Jamie's track record of surviving on screen, make of that what you will. ;)

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