June 25th, 2010

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Friday Forum: The Show(s) You'd Love to See Jamie Bamber Guest Star On

I must confess, I have ulterior motives for this weeks post. It's not just that I want to see Jamie back on U.S. TV screens. It's not just that I want to see Jamie on my favorite TV show currently airing. It's that I want to take the opportunity to pimp my current favorite TV show airing. It's also perfect timing since the second season debuts July 13th, at 9:00pm est on USA. So, for my dream Jamie Bamber guest starring appearance, I present to you....

White Collar

Tiffani Thiessen (Elizabeth Burke), Tim DeKay (Peter Burke) and Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey)

For those not already watching, here's the White Collar 101: Neal Caffrey is a charming criminal mastermind, a con-man, an "alleged" (as he likes to point out) thief and a convicted forger. Just three months shy of serving out a four year sentence for bond forgery, Neal escapes from prison. The reason? The love of his life, Kate, dumped him. Enter Peter Burke, the FBI agent who did what no one else could, catch (and convict) Neal Caffrey. Peter is tasked with catching Neal, again, and does. But looking at another four years in prison, Neal proposes a deal to Peter: parole him, with an electronic ankle monitor, and he'll be a consultant for the FBI, helping Peter catch other elusive, white collar, criminals. Now, instead of a super max prison cell, Neal has a two mile radius (which, if you don't know, is A LOT of territory in New York City) and, thanks to the equally charming and sympathetic June (Diahann Carroll), lives in an incredible mansion. Peter, meanwhile, does his darnedest to keep Neal out of trouble, not an easy job when Neal insists on tracking down his ex. There's also Peter's awesome wife Elizabeth, Neal's former/current partner in crime, Mozzie (Wilie Garson), some other great supporting and reoccurring characters...and a dog.

Thus begins a beautiful partnership. Literally. Have you seen Matt Bomer?

Matt Bomer White Collar Season 2 Promo Photo and Jamie Bamber BSG Season 4 Promo Photo

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Now that you know my dream guest star casting, what's yours? What series would you love to see Jamie on? And, since I did it, feel free to pimp your show.