July 22nd, 2010

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Jamie Bamber Has Cancelled His Appearance at Dragon Con

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Jamie is no longer at guest at Dragon Con. The good news is it's likely due to a professional commitment. As soon as I know more I'll let you all know.

ETA: I'm seeing pieces of information around the web that tell me there is a high probability he's doing a film, but I'm holding off posting any details until I see if I can get official confirmation.
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Official: Jamie Bamber to Star in "Le pere de ma fille"

I just had it confirmed by his publicist, Jamie Bamber will be starring in Le pere de ma fille along with actors Gerard Jugnot and Francois Berleand. Filming is to begin August 4 and run through September 28th in Excideuil and surrounding areas, at least according to a casting sheet I found. The film is in, probably no surprise to anyone, French. :)

pinkylilie found a link at the 'Pure People' website which appears to share some details about the film, but I, unfortunately, didn't get past two years of high school French.

And pinkylilie has shared a translation of the synopsis:

Bernard (Francois Berleand) is a rich and cold guy who teams with Gus (Gerard Jugnot)poor but generous guy to find Chloe (Olivia Ruiz, french singer). They both think she's their daughter...But à beautiful young man (Jamie Bamber)will obstruct their search...