August 17th, 2010

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Law & Order: UK Series 3 ITV Premiere Date

Law & Order: UK to return to ITV on Thursday, September 9 at 9pm.
ITV Announcement

I'm not entirely sure I should be posting, since if you click on the link to the press release it states there is a press embargo until August 25th. But, since anyone can access this information, I'll risk ITV's wrath. Included in the press release is a listing of the Season 3 episodes and synopsis. There are only seven episodes listed, which would indicate we are looking at the thirteen episodes filmed being split into two seasons, again. There is also a lovely Q&A with Jamie I can't resist sharing since he discusses Le Pere de ma fille. This does my non-French speaking and reading heart good. :)

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And you may also want to make sure and read Freema's Q&A. She starts filming again in October, does she? ;)