September 10th, 2010

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Friday Forum: Law & Order: UK Discussion for Episode 3.1, "Broken"

"Broken" written by Emilia di Girolamo

Over the years, I've steered clear of doing post episode discussions on the community. Mostly this was because, when it came to Battlestar Galactica, there were numerous communities, blogs and forums dedicated to the series and it seemed redundant to host another discussion here. But taking a quick look around the net, I didn't see much in the way of talk about last night's Law & Order: UK premiere. So, in case anyone would like to share their thoughts or chat about the episode, I figured I would open up the possibility here. If you'd like to see a weekly discussion post, please let me know. zegeekgirl and I would happily devote the next six Fridays to episode discussions if it spared us from having to put our thinking caps on for forum topics. ;)

My non-spoilery and brief review (I may ramble on later in comments ;) is I felt the new season/series got off to a very strong start last night. There was some controversy about "Broken" before it premiered, but the material was handled in an extremely thoughtful and sensitive manner. I also appreciated we were shown so many varied points of view in exploring the case and the ramifications for all involved. Often series will take sides and try to tell the viewer how to feel. In cases such as the one we saw unfold, there are no easy answers. Finally, Jamie was awesome. :)

For a brief review and recap of the episode, check out All Things Law & Order.
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Five Minutes with Jamie Bamber

Not me, sadly, but had a chance to speak with Jamie recently, 5 minutes with...Jamie Bamber.

It's a brief interview, but one of the better ones I've read recently. Jamie discusses Law & Order: UK, Batlestar Galactica and Outcasts (potential spoilers for Outcasts).

Two points regarding the interview I can clarify. Edward James Olmos has made comments since Battlestar Galactica ended about scripting a film to take place after the finale. He mentioned it again at panel during Dragon*Con last weekend. He may have written something, but NBCU/SyFy has no plans to do any further films, although a web series set during the first Cylon war is in the works.

And then there are Jamie's comments regarding Outcasts. Collapse )