September 11th, 2010

Jamie - Close Up - Starpollo

Jamie Bamber on the set of "Le Pere de ma fille"

Thanks to pinkylilie from bringing it to my attention, we now have have a recent (half) photo of Jamie in France as he continues work on Le Pere de ma fille.

Fabrice Goldstein, Bernard Cazeau, Gérard Jugnot et François Berléand (de gauche à droite)
.....and Jamie Bamber. PHOTO A. B.

The brief article accompanying the photo can be found HERE at The article isn't about the film itself, but about funding for the film and an event that took place Thursday night at St médard d'Excideuil.
Asta 2

Premiere of "Law & Order: UK" in Canada moved up a week?

I received a Google alert that led me to Forum and an entry listing CityTV's programming highlights from Monday, September 13 through Sunday, September 19 with Law & Order: UK set to premiere on September 16th at 10:00pm. This is a week earlier than previously reported. I then went to CityTV's own website to check the schedule and, yep, it seems September 16th is now the day to look forward to, if you live in Canada. :)