September 22nd, 2010

El Presidente

BSG Episode Stills: 4x12, "A Disquiet Follows My Soul"

I bring unfortunate news on the Law & Order: UK images front: Sadly, we have no stills from Episode 3x06 "Masquerade" to post this week, as we had expected. (The only released still I've got is one of the publicity shots that went up weeks ago. Curses! Also, in case anyone's wondering, there was no post for 3x05 "Survivor" last week because there were no Jamie shots, however Freema fans can find loads of goodies over at louk_mattdevlin ;) )

However, just in time to fill the gap, we've finally got another batch of unreleased BSG stills!  And there are even some lovely shots of Kerry this time. *applause* I love it when a plan comes together. </hannibal>


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alien cheesecake

On Set Photos from "Le pere de ma fille"

 A couple of shots of Jamie (along with Olivia Ruiz and their other co-stars) have turned up via Dordogne Libre. The same blogger who has been occasionally posting about the film while covering the Excideuil region has a new blog up where, from what I can gather while skimming it very quickly, seems to indicate that the film has wrapped (or is about to) and this was one of the last scenes to be filmed. (Where's our French girls? Confirm? ;) )  

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