September 30th, 2010

Jamie - adorable - shmarollynn

Jamie on ITV's This Morning

Jamie on ITV's "This Morning"

I was able to snag the photo off the site's main page. :) And on this page you can find video and a brief recap of the interview. Of course, the video can not be played outside the U.K. However! We should have video for EVERYONE to watch later today. ;-)

Also, Jamie answered some fan questions in The Hub and those questions and answers should be posted later today. Check back for updates and links.

ETA #1: ITV has now posted their Hub interview with Jamie. Again, it's video I can't watch. And I'm not sure if we'll get lucky and get a, let's say, international version. Apparently, you can find out what his favorite sandwich filling is.
Asta 2

Jamie on ITV's This Morning (Now with Video for all!)

We have video! And a YouTube channel! And a very generous benefactor! I received an email from Mark Gale who recorded, uploaded, and created a channel! I'm overwhelmed! And abusing exclamation points!

Direct Link
BamberNews You Tube Channel :)

Jamie talks mostly about Law & Order: UK, specifically tonight's episode, and Le pere de ma fille is mentioned. The one thing that jumped out at me: Do all U.K. morning shows make their own music vids???

ETA: Jamie in The Hub

We have an answer to the sandwich question! But mostly I love how he talked about playing Lee Adama. :)