October 4th, 2010

Asta 2

Discussion: Law & Order: UK Ep 1.1: Care

"Care" written by Chris Chibnall

At long last, Law & Order: UK debuted on BBC America last night. I must admit, I was very excited to have Jamie back on my TV. I also realized it was the first time I ever had seen an episode of the series with commercials. ;) Unfortunately, American dramas run about 44 minutes long compared to Law & Order: UK's 46 minute run time, which means some trims were made. I couldn't spot any missing scenes, which means, instead, lines were trimmed here and there. For instance, Collapse )

For those with cable on demand service, check to see if the full version is available. I noticed my cable provider, Comcast, has the episode available with a 50 minute run time. Some of that time is for commercials/promos, but I suspect it's the full 46 minute episode.

I looked back at what I posted in my own LJ in February of 2009 and find, after several viewings and many more episodes watched since, I now have a very different perspective on the series. I'm curious what people watching for the first time think or, for those who have seen all the episodes, if and why your opinion has changed. So the floor is open! :)

Oh, and Seth Meyer gave the series a shout out on this past weekend's Saturday Night Live.