October 22nd, 2010

Asta 2

Friday Forum: Law & Order: UK Episode 3.7, "Anonymous" - Discussion Thread

"Anonymous" written by Debbie O'Malley

For anyone lamenting the lack of the law side of things in recent weeks, "Anonymous" certainly made up for it. And we got another terrific performance Jamie and tremendous work by Bradley was well. Not that everyone didn't also do good. Ms. O'Malley gave the actors a great script to work with. But this one really belonged to our favorite coppers. :)

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Now, what did everyone else think?

And in a recent post lemurling made some interesting observations about the timeline for the current series. I ran it by the awesomely receptive and obliging Emilia di Girolamo and she provided us with an answer regarding the oddness! What she shared is not particularly spoilery, but for those still watching Series 1 Collapse )