November 15th, 2010

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Law & Order: UK - Discussion For Episode 1.7, "Alesha"

"Alesha" written by Catherine Tregenna

For those watching Law & Order: UK for the first time, "Alesha" was the final episode of Series 1 on ITV. You lucky folks don't have to wait for Series 2 episodes for months to debut or to sporadically turn up online. ;)

I'm curious as to what everyone thought of "Alesha". While the episode played well in some respects - and took the series in an unexpected direction - I found aspects of the episode problematic.

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karen madness!

"What's not to like?" (A Matt/Alesha picspam)

Hi, I'm new to the comm - hope this is ok to post here!

I've become a bit obsessed with law & order: uk lately, and within the first couple of episodes I found myself pleasantly surprised when Matt and Alesha (totally unexpectedly) kind of up and smacked me in the face with their budding friendship (which could potentially be leading to more??!?) and just their overall INCREDIBLE SHIPABILITY. So to help me procrastinate on any REAL work I should be doing, I decided to spend my time creating an embarrassingly enormous picspam dedicated to them and their fabulous relationship.\

The gushing is this way. Be prepared.