November 19th, 2010


Old, but charming interview

I hope it's ok to post this. It's a really old interview (YouTube) pre-BSG, that I happened to run across today while I was following links about British actors doing American accents of all things (the video was used as an example of Jamie's accent).

It's one of those talk show interviews (This Morning), but one I'd never seen before, and it's a little longer than most, and Jamie is looking especially adorable. I thought it might cheer someone else up on a Friday morning. About 6 minutes, and starts with a clip of Archie Kennedy, and Jamie talks a bit about Kennedy and some other things he's working on, the SAS 6-parter, Peak Practice, going to LA for interviews, etc.

I couldn't get the embed to work, so hopefully the link and description will be enough to entice.