November 24th, 2010

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Law & Order: UK News

While ITV's latest announcement regarding Law & Order: UK does not involve Jamie, since we discuss the series on a regular basis and we've all become big fans in no small part because of Jamie, I felt it was OK to bend the rules a bit. Simply Television, via a press release by ITV, has announced cast changes for the upcoming series, currently in production, of 'Law & Order: UK'.

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Bamber FHM

Outcasts Moved to 2011 + Character of the Month Hiatus

Hi everyone - hate to be the bearer of crummy tidings, but according to the BBC America press site, it looks like Outcasts' premiere date has been moved to some time in 2011. :(  No specific date given, either. Wanted to give everyone a heads-up since the original airdate was announced as December 10th, which is coming up soon - looks like that's not happening!   (Well, at least BBCA has given L&O:UK to the States as compensation. ;) )

Also, due to the holidays and both of us being crazy busy (and we don't like to short-change our little periodic features on the comm. ;)  It takes time to write up a good picspam/recap!) - asta77 and I have decided to put the Character of the Month posts on hiatus until after the new year.  They'll be back, though, once we have the time to do them right!  (We aren't about to get out of the inevitable Pulse 2 and Ultimate Force recaps... *gulp* XD)