December 13th, 2010

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Law & Order: UK Discussion Thread - Episode 2x04, "Sacrifice"

"Sacrifice", written by Terry Cafolla & Nathan Cockerill

Discussion time again for the BBC America broadcasts! Ah, Sacrifice. An interesting episode, as it's co-written by Terry Cafolla and Nathan Cockerill (the latter of whom hasnt' written for the show since); yet another thing I should tweet Terry about since I'm not sure if he did a re-write on Cockerill's script or what. There are a few lines in there that seem unmistakeably Terry. ;) And at large it's not one of my favorite cases, but I do adore it for showcasing George the way it does. Aww, Castle (the one what isn't Nathan Fillion)... we are going to miss you too, terribly!

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