January 10th, 2011

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Law & Order: UK Episode 2.6, "Honour Bound" - Discussion Thread

"Honour Bound" written by Chris Chibnall

So, we bid a very fond farewell to Season 1 on BBC America with the strongest episode of the season, "Honour Bound". Tight writing, excellent performances and while a showcase for the copper side of things, I never felt as if Team Order was neglected in terms of screen time or story development. It was a nice parting gift from the man who oversaw the first thirteen episodes, Chris Chibnall. As for the the plot itself, all I can say is...Collapse )

This has absolutely nothing to do with Jamie, but since it popped up on my Google alert just as we had a Ronnie-centric episode, I thought you might get a kick out of seeing Bradley at his day job as host of the game show, "The Chase".

BBC America kicks off Season 2 (or Series 3/4) of Law & Order: UK Friday and because zegeekgirl and I are somewhat lazy and also don't wish to be redundant, we'll be linking to the previous discussions of the 'new' episodes and encouraging people to add to those discussions. Because we'll have to do so little work, we'll post links shortly after the episodes air Friday night.