January 23rd, 2011

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Character of the Month: George Talboys

Title: Lady Audley's Secret 
Original Airdate: May 17th, 2000
Availability: The DVD is out of print, but you can still track down copies via Amazon and Half.com

Synopsis: Sez the DVD package, apparently: "A twisted tale of deception based on the Victorian novel written by Mary Elizabeth Braddon, LADY AUDLEY'S SECRET is a classic tale of mystery, romance, and betrayal. When Lucy Graham weds the much older, aristocratic Sir Michael Audley, his nephew Robert becomes deeply suspicious of the lovely young woman's motives. To further complicate matters, Robert's dear friend George has gone missing, and Robert believes Lucy may be involved in his disappearance. As Robert attempts to discern the truth about Lucy's dark past, he cannot help but feel irresistibly drawn to her beauty and dangerous allure..."

I add: An odd adaptation of Braddon's  "sensation novel" (read: period potboiler!) of the same name, which I'm comfortable saying tho I haven't even read the book. The majority of the people in it are pretty much rotten, or at the very least make crappity decisions, though George Talboys - Jamie's character - is relatively high on the list of good'uns. Shame he's in the film for a total of about 10 minutes, give or take a pretty close up or two. (Actually, most likely take. As I noticed comparing the action of the movie to the Wikipedia summary of the book, damn this script takes a LOT.)

Worth Watching? Just baaaarely. Despite the fact that Jamie is young and exceedingly lovely in a long-haired, cravat-wearing dreamy kind of a way, he disappears early on in the film and although much of the drama centers on his character, not having him around to watch during it means that the experience vacillates between boredom and irritation most of the time. 

Does he live or die? Umm... you're going to have to read to find out, only because, as noted, it's the point upon which the ENTIRE film revolves around. Oh, bother...
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