January 26th, 2011

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Outcasts Air Date! + Mitchell Hoban Character Profile

Double hit of Outcasts news today! First of all, the show finally has a UK air date: BBC say via the Twitter feed that the show will premiere with Ep. 1 on Monday, February 7, followed by Ep. 2 on Tuesday, February 8.  They also indicate that these are essentially one two-parter story (so perhaps Jamie's stint on the series will be longer than we thought...)  Anyway, mark your calendars, and hopefully BBC America will announce their air date soon.

In the meantime.... Oh, dear. Mitch, you're going to be trouble, aren't you?:
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Jamie Bamber and Kerry Norton Appearing in "Filly Brown"

I hope to have more information about this later, but this is what I've been able to put together since last night.

Edward James Olmos is currently starring, along with Lou Diamond Phillips, in Filly Brown about "A young Latina musician on the verge of shooting to hip-hop stardom finds herself having to choose between the people she loves and her dreams." (Synopsis via www.olmosperfect.com) The film is directed by Eddie's son, Michael, and produced by his son, Mico.

Michael tweeted a photo from set yesterday:

Bodie Olmos, Jamie, Kerry Norton and Lou Diamond Phillips

Direct link to photo.

How awesome do Jamie and Kerry look? I touched base with Jamie's publicist and, while Jamie relayed to him Kerry would be appearing in the film, he mentioned nothing about appearing himself. My working theory is that after a BSG reunion party at Mary McDonnell's home last weekend (sadly, no photos), Jamie was convinced by Eddie and Kerry to make a cameo or take on a very small part while in LA.

If I receive any more information, I'll be sure to pass it along. :)