February 11th, 2011

Jamie as Mitch

Jamie Bamber in April Issue of SFX Magazine

The April 2011 issue of SFX Magazine contains an article about Jamie including a new and very nice photo.

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                                                                                                       Photo (c) BBC

Unfortunately I have uploaded the wrong scans last night. I think it was to late for me and I was to tired. *lol* These were only for my website. Sorry, I've just noticed and changed it. The scans are now available without my website logo. ;-)
LOUK Union Jack

Discussion for Law & Order: UK - Episode 3.5, "Survivor"

You know the drill. ;)  The discussion thread for "Survivor" the first time it aired is HERE; feel free to read through and contribute further comments if you were watching for the first time tonight.

Though while I'm here, quick addition: How the HELL did it get past me the first time that Matt calls the Welsh paedo suspect "Daffydd Hasselhoff"?! *falls out of chair laughing* Two points, Di Girolamo. XD