March 2nd, 2011

Asta 2
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Law & Order: UK Related Links

A few odds and ends as we wait for the Series 4 debut of Law & Order: UK on BBCA Friday and ITV Monday.

The lovely, talented and extremely awesome lead writer of Law & Order: UK, Emilia di Girolamo, was recently interviewed by She discusses the new series in general terms, so don't fear spoilers, and addresses the possibility of a crossover with one of the American Law & Order series. has a brief interview with Bradley Walsh. Besides mentioning upcoming guest stars, there are no spoilers. Bradley also addresses Ronnie's eating. ;)

And who reads The Sun? That's OK. I wouldn't admit it either. ;) But you may want to pick up Saturdays edition with "Buzz Magazine". Via their Twitter feed, @TheSun_Buzz:

@TheSun_Buzz Jamie Bamber from Law & Order:UK is our #page5fella this week. We've got him tied to a chair looking extremely hot, don't miss it ladies

Um, alright then! If anyone gets a copy and would like to share scans I'd be most appreciative. :)