March 5th, 2011

alien cheesecake

The day Matt rescued Alesha from certain death... ;)

So Freema Agyeman was on Graham Norton's radio programme this morning and told a fantastic little anecdote about how on the set of L&O:UK, she was nearly killed by an avalanche of falling encyclopedias... except that Jamie's ninja reflexes alerted her in the nick of time. ;)  

You can hear the clip on this Tumblr page (thanks to the Matt/Alesha shipper who posted it, whoever you are. Heh.)

Oh, go on then, all of you... swoon now.
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Jamie Bamber - Buzz Page 5 Fella

The Sun's Buzz Page 5 Fella, March 5th, 2011.

Um.....yeah! So, while I know others were out and about getting a copy to share with us all, our good friend Mark Gale sent this to me for the comm this afternoon. Sorry for the delay in sharing. I was away from the internet at a baby's first birthday party and she may, in fact, be cuter than Jamie Bamber. ;)

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alien cheesecake

BBCA Discussion Thread for L&O:UK Ep. 4x01, "ID"


Sorry this is late, guys, I was out last night and tied up today (though not with crime scene tape... ;) )

Although ITV is inexplicably showing them all out of order starting Monday, BBC America is thankfully sticking with the order in which Series 4 aired in Canada... which is how they've already been discussed on this comm. The original thread for "ID" is HERE, so head through to read the discussion and amend with your comments, if you like, BBCA watchers.

I will place one additional comment here...

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