March 7th, 2011

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17th Precinct: Table reads! Hair dye! Twitter! Facebook! *flail*

Yeee-ep, it's all happening. Tomorrow the cameras roll on the 17th Precinct pilot. Tricia Helfer tweeted a pic of her freshly brunette necromancy hair. (Hee.) And most importantly… there is THIS:

Appears to be an official Twitter feed updated by someone in RDM's production office. Excellent. Of particular note:


Now would probably be a good time to dispense with concerns, even temporarily, and embrace the squee. ;) Go. Follow. Wish them luck!

Oh, and FYI there is also a Facebook page for the show which doesn't feature the same nifty logo and it's unclear if this is also a Tall Ship-operated page, but if Facebook is more your thing.. there ya go.
EDIT: Correction! This is the official Facebook page.
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ITV Discussion Thread for Law & Order: UK Episode 4.05, "Help"

"Help", written by Terry Cafolla

For reasons only they know and possibly even understand, ITV has decided to juggle the episode order for Series 4 of Law & Order: UK. Yes, CityTV had it right and BBC America has it right. With the knowledge that "I.D." should be the first episode to air and, I'm assuming, will be the first episode on the DVD release we're (zegeekgirl and I) are sticking with the 'old' numbering system for the episodes. It's our hope referring to the first new episode airing in the UK as 4.5 won't be too confusing. And it's even possible BBCA and ITV will have a week when they both air the same episode so it shouldn't be confusing at all! ::insert laughter here::

Anyway, HERE is the previous discussion for "Help" if you'd like to catch up or share your thoughts.

In other Law & Order: UK news, Series 3 is available for purchase today in the U.K.

And for those in the U.S. who are waaaaay behind in their Law & Order: UK viewing, Season 1 (Series 1 & 2) is available via Netflix>