March 27th, 2011

alien cheesecake

Character Of the Month: Jack Kimball

Title: Cold Case, "Blood On the Tracks" (Episode 4x15)
Original Airdate: February 18, 2007
Availability: Season 4 is now on DVD.

Synopsis: When traces of an explosive are found in a house that's being rennovated, the Cold Case team re-opens the 1981 case of a married couple (Jamie Bamber and Kelly Overton) who died in the same house in what was then ruled as an accidental gas leak. Through gradual revelations about a reunion of college friends which happened just prior to the explosion, we discover a conspiracy to cover up a murder... but who has the motive?

Worth Watching?: A big yes. I've actually been looking forward to this edition of CotM for a while; despite the basic premise making me slightly twitchy (Whyyy must he always be the victim in these CBS procedural guest shots? I see you, Ghost Whisperer!), this one is easily superior to that other one. For the most part it's a twisty, watchable whodunit, and Jamie's character - despite having done some deeply horrible things - is right up my alley. On a shallow level, he also looks fantastic. (Though I should probably warn anyone currently afflicted with the rash of sideburns-allergies going around, you might have to avert your eyes on occasion... ;) )

Does he live or die? Dashing political idealist turned suburban hubby Jamie is dead before the opening credits roll, so that's not a spoiler. :( But if he weren't, we wouldn't have an episode... hang in there, folks, and venture behind the cut...


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