April 13th, 2011

Jamie pyewpyewpyew

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In 17th Precinct News….

- According to their Twitter, composers Wendy and Lisa revealed that they will be composing the music for 17th Precinct:

We are working on the coolest pilot right now. 17th Precinct. Shhhhhh. WOW!! All I'm sayin.

The pair previously worked with Ron Moore on Virtuality and Carnivale, and also scored Heroes. They also, back in the day, worked with a little dude from Minneapolis who wears a lot of purple. ;)

- SciFi Now Magazine (UK) has a new issue out, and Issue 53 purports to include an "exclusive" interview with RDM about the show; how exclusive exactly remains to be seen, though even if it is very recent he probably can't reveal too many details of the plot. Still, worth tracking down. Go! Find!

- Tricia Helfer will be doing another "Ask Tricia" Q&A soon through her official website. She'll likely field a few questions about 17th, but if you plan to ask, just bear in mind that she's probably not allowed to reveal much, either. Use good judgment. ;)

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