April 30th, 2011

Jamie - Close Up - Starpollo
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Character of the Month: Bean. Just Bean.

Once again, I have procrastinated and find myself scrambling to get April's Character of the Month posted in, well, April! Since Jamie is currently busy working on future projects such as John Doe and 17th Precinct (which NBC WILL pick it up or else), I thought it was time to take a look back at where it (almost) all began.

Title: Shifting Sands
Film Date: 1994
Availability: For sale on DVD at Shiftingsandmovie.co.uk. Several of Jamie's scenes are also posted to the site.

Synopsis: There's the story of Daniel (Dickon Edwards) and Bean (Jamie), which I suppose would qualify as the B Story, but is the far more interesting story in my biased opinion. The A Story is that of Jayne, who people bizarrely label as "weird". She's sort of estranged from her boyfriend, Tom, and pregnant by his best friend, Alex, who may or may not have raped her. I'll cover the confusion over the last part. A full synopsis can be found at Shiftingsandmovie.co.uk and I strongly recommend reading it because it explains a lot of things either not introduced or poorly introduced in the film.

Worth Watching? I'd say yes. The film itself is not great. I cut the filmmaker, Simon Birkenhead, some slack since it was a student film, but the plot is practically non-existent and the message(s) extremely muddled. However, it's fun to see Jamie before he developed into the actor, and man, he is today.

Does he live or die? No need to be on death watch for this one. :)

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