May 28th, 2011

Bamber FHM

Character of the Month: Dr. Matt Kendal

Title: Peak Practice, Episodes 12x05 thru 12x13

Air Dates: November 2001 - January 2002

Availability: Not available on DVD, but the episodes - truncated down to just Jamie's scenes - are available HERE thanks to ddt73 (Note: 12x08 is missing because it hasn't turned up yet, and 12x11 is missing becaue Matt doesn't appear.)

Synopsis: The Beeches is a general practice surgery unit in Cardale, a fictional town in the Peak District of England, which has been the focus of this long-running soap for over a decade. By the time a gorgeous, ever so slightly cavalier but mostly just adorable motorcycle-riding, leather-clad doctor arrives, plenty of shenanigans have gone down over the years, but that's not important - what's important is that they continue to, although the people who write this stuff don't seem to know how to utilize such exceptional new talent and poor Dr. Matt is left out of a lot of the drama. Phooey.

Worth Watching? Yes, but mostly because of it's rarity and the fact that Jamie is smokin' hot in it. XD The scripts, being fairly pedestiran soap fare, aren't great (even when they are extra scandalous and soapy), and he really does get shafted in terms of decent soaper plots. If you're hoping for Noah Drake-level material, don't get your knickers in a twist, ladies. (I hope I"m not the only one old enough to get that reference... ;) ) Also, how many times can I say "soap" in this paragraph? SOAP SOAP SOAP.
One caveat: Because 12x08 is missing, for all we know that is Matt's big epic dramatic episode. I tend to think NOT, but it probably shouldn't be discounted either...

Does he live or die? He makes it out of the season (and as it would transpire, series) finale alive. Hurrah! Which is more than you can say for the two female leads, maybe. *facepalm*

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