June 11th, 2011

BSG Cast - Starpollo
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'Battlestar Galactica' Premieres 10pm est on BBC America Tonight

They're Baaaaaaack!

I don't think I've ever been so excited about repeats, people! :D Of course, some of you may be watching for the first time and, in that case, you're in for a real treat. (And if you are watching for the first time, yes, Jamie's American accent is a little dodgy in the mini series. It gets better, trust me. :)

Just prior to the premiere (re-premiere?) tonight at 10:00, I will be posting an open thread for discussion, if anyone feels so inclined to chat as they are watching. Or you may wish to share your thoughts after you watch. Or feel compelled to share favorite memories, photos, screencaps.....you get my point.

I'll be doing the same next Saturday at 7:00pm when BSG moves into it's regular time slot, followed by the US premiere of Outcasts. I'm sure we'll all have a few things to say about the latter.

I'm not planning to have open threads every week (unless there is some demand for one, which I haven't anticipated), but I thought it would be fun to do for the relaunch. Especially since BBC America is doing such a great job of publicizing the series' return to television.
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BBCA Discussion Thread: Battlestar Galactica Mini Series Pt1

Hey, remember when there was one Six and we didn't know.....

Welcome to the open discussion for tonight's premiere of Battlestar Galactica on BBC America. Squee is great. (Four Words: The Arms of Apollo) Critical analysis encouraged. Even a bit of mocking is OK. But, as always, be good. :)

I'm not sure what to do about spoilers for this one. The show ended over two years ago and most, if not everyone here, has seen the entire series so I feel a bit silly limiting people to a discussion of just what is on their screen. I'll let you all be the judge. Nothing like pondering that thirty minutes before airtime!