July 14th, 2011

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Happy Bastille Day!

I have to say, it was quite considerate of the French to rise up and storm the Bastille 222 years ago so I could have the opportunity to celebrate one of my favorite episodes of Battlestar Galactica. Now, I know what you're thinking. That's crazy. 'Bastille Day' is really one of your favorite episodes? It is indeed.

Before 'Bastille Day', I liked Battlestar Galactica and Lee Adama. Then, over the course of an hour, along with a confluence of events, the like evolved into full blown love. Love of the show, the character and a certain actor. Not to mention, an OTP was born. Yes, while everyone else was talking about Lee and Kara, I was in my little corner of fandom obsessing over Lee and Laura (and still do).

Perhaps most significantly, after the episode ended, I went to IMDB to see what else this Jamie Bamber fella had starred in. And spent months (years in the case of Peak Practice) tracking down his work. I think we all know how that obsession turned out. ;)

So, on this very special day, I'm choosing to be more than a little self-indulgent and share my love of 'Bastille Day'. Originally, I planned to highlight the four moments which led me to become the fan I am today. However, once I started capping and was reminded just how gorgeous Jamie looked in this episode, I ended up covering pretty much all of his scenes. Still, I gave special attention to the special four moments that altered my fandom life.

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While all but two screencaps were made my moi (See! French in honor of the day! ;), I have to give credit to Sadgeezer.com for the transcribed bits. Since this was a last minute idea of mine, I had to cut corners where I could. I appreciate the assist. :)