July 31st, 2011

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Character Of the Month: Luke Clayhill

The Last Detective, "Dangerous Liaisons"
Original Airdate: 10 May 2007
Availability: Series 4, as well as the Complete Collection are available on DVD

Synopsis: The Last Detective is based on the Dangerous Davies series of novels; Peter Davison plays Davies, a detective busted back to constable who has to fight to be taken seriously by his department (though he does manage to be pretty damn good at detecting). In this episode, the body of a reclusive amateur pornographer leads to an even more gruesome discovery that dredges up horrific family secrets. And no, it has nothing to do with the book or play Dangerous Liaisons (aka Les Liaisons Dangereuses - though I'll just leave the image of Jamie as Valmont riiiight here for ya. Thank me later. ;) )

Worth Watching? At least once, certainly. Jamie only features in a few scenes but his character is one of the few entirely sympathetic ones in the whole murder mystery. Not to mention he doesn't photograph too shabby, either. ;) (The show itself isn't bad, and actually surprisingly dark in content for what is for the most part your bog standard ITV mystery series. And of course, I love Peter Davison - Five, along with Four, were my Doctors - and it's nice to see the first time he and Jamie worked together. Though they haven't actually had a scene together on LOUK yet, have they?!)

Does he live or die? Lives! Like I said, he's a smallish - though entirely key - character in this, and though the poor lad is scarred by his apalling parents (you'll find out in a minute), he does survive. Which is more than you could say if Jamie were playing Valmont, anyway.

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Law & Order: UK Episode 5.4, "Tick Tock" - Discussion Thread

"Tick Tock" by Richard Stokes.

I'm afraid this post is currently photoless. ITV didn't see fit to release any promo photos with Jamie. What were they thinking?!?! I'll try to add a screencap later, assuming the internet fairies are kind.

I'm also hoping Live Journal is kinder to us all this week. The "Crush" discussion was sidelined by a DDoS attack. Though, I will admit "Crush" was my least favorite episode of the current series, even with the mini-Hornblower, sort-of reunion.

OK, now go forth and discuss!