August 10th, 2011

Jamie - Close Up - Starpollo
  • asta77

Jamie Bamber to Guest Star on 'CSI: Miami'

After seeing a tweet this morning implying Jamie was on set filming something, and realizing the tweeter was a writer for CSI: Miami, I did some follow up and just received the official word he is working on the show. Since it's just a one off, he didn't want to make a big deal about it. I tried to convey we kind of like to know these types of things. ;) But, Jamie, please never change.

Oh! And I put in a good word for the fedora! :D

ETA: Via CSI: Miami writer, Brian Davidson: "He's playing a storm chaser who's chasing more than the weather. Great guy. Elevates the material."

ETA 2: I love fandom! A fan of the series kindly tweeted me Jamie's character's name is Ronnie, "a rugged science guy (STORM CHASER) turns out Ronnie is not a scientist but a thief..." (I think we can all share a laugh about the name coincidence. ;) More information...including spoilers...can be found at her website: Latest from CSI: Miami.

ETA 3: TV Guide has "Exclusive" - HA! - news that Jamie is guest starring on 'CSI: Miami'. It looks like Ronnie is now Robbie: "He'll play Robbie, one half of a freelance storm-chasing duo who is questioned by Sgt. Tripp (Rex Linn) when a piece of his equipment is linked to a murder." I wonder if he asked for the name change? ;)