October 12th, 2011

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BBCA Discussion Thread: Episode 6X03 "Haunted" & Season 3 Canadian Premiere

Hello all! This is your discussion post for the episode, "Haunted". Yeah, that's all I got. I have no idea what tonight's episode is about!

A belated (sorry!) heads up for Canadian viewers: CityTV stealthy began airing Season 3 Monday night. Apparently, Playboy Club's cancellation left the network with an hour to suddenly fill and they chose to begin airing new episodes with no advertising. Nice. And I thought U.S. networks were messed up. So, from here on out make sure to tune in at Mondays at 10pm. All thirteen season three episodes will air consecutively. Unfortunately, if you missed the first episode, it's not available online or on demand.
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Jamie has Cancelled His Appearance at Galacticon Five

Galacticon Five announced this afternoon that Jamie is no longer able to attend the convention in Italy next month due to the filming new projects. The "new projects" is likely his continued work on TNT's Perception. According to Wikipedia he's now scheduled to appear in at least three episodes. I did touch base with his publicist who, as of his last conversation with Jamie, was not made aware of any new roles.

Replacing Jamie at this years convention will be his BSG BFF, James Callis. Jamie is now scheduled to appear at Galacticon Six in 2012, but, as we can see, that could change due to other commitments.