October 17th, 2011

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Jamie Bamber to Guest Star on "House"

I AM SO EXCITED! Jamie Bamber to appear in the November 7 episode of 'House'

he actor is set to guest star in the Nov. 7 episode as a man who “suddenly collapses, and in the process of diagnosing his symptoms, the team discovers that he has been hiding dark secrets and lying about his personal and professional life… But when he openly confesses his wrongdoings to his family and community, he compromises his chances of receiving the proper medical treatment that could save his life.

If you are a long time House viewer, you are aware the show is not what it once was. However, all my brain is contemplating is Hugh Laurie and Jamie Bamber on screen together! :D Maybe they can swap stories on how they are able to maintain such great American accents? ;)

ETA: TV By The Numbers has posted FOX's November Sweeps Lineup Press Release. There's a tiny bit more information about the episode, entitled "The Confession", but nothing additional about Jamie's role.
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New Publicity Stills of Jamie Bamber in "Un jour mon pere viendra"!

Sheesh, it's been a better news period than we anticipated these past few days. Hot on the heels of Jamie's House guest spot news, we have SEVEN (ETA: Correction, SIX and one amazing repeat ;) ) new photos from Un jour mon pere viendra! Get ready to swoon again, folks. No kidding, this movie's probably going to be the end of us all...

NOTE: The rest of the photos do seem to constitute considerable spoilers for the end of the movie. But it's Jamie. Looking amazing. If you're going to spoil yourself, this would be the time and place to do it. ;) Here we go....

Collapse )

Hopefully we'll have a trailer soon! What I do have at the moment is the press notes for the film in Word format; would any of our French members like to volunteer to translate the document into English? I fear my French skills are way too rusty for the task. ;) Send me a private message with your email and I can send you the file. Thanks! 
ETA: Thanks to jamie_girl5 for volunteering her translation services. BTW, I did take a look at the press notes and it jumped out at me that in the cast list on last page, he's listed as Jamie Bamber Griffith. Innnteresting.

A reminder about this movie, folks: So far it only has a French release date (14 December), and overall the number of French (or other foreign) films that get US distribution is distressingly small to begin with. Who knows what can be done from the grass roots, but if you want to do your small part to let Gaumont know that you'd like to see UJMPV in cinemas here (or in the UK, or elsewhere), you could do worse than tweet them: @gaumontfilms.


Holy cow! Jamie Bamber to guest-star on "Body of Proof" as well!!

Today... yeah. Today's going down in the Jamie Bamber News record books. Michael Ausiello has just confirmed on TVLine that Jamie will join the cast of Body of Proof as a love interest for Dana Delany! Here's the details:

His character, Scott Decker, is described as a blue collar and (duh) sexy. I’m told Bamber is on board for at least three episodes, the first of which is slated to air in late November.

Bet it films soon, which means this is likely the project that he had to cancel on Galacticon 5 for. (House was obviously shot already, or may even still be shooting now, if it airs in three weeks time.)

The BEST, most awesome part of this is that someone suggested Jamie as a good choice on Twitter when Dana Delany was soliciting suggestions for actors to play Megan's new love interest. Someone tossed out Jamie's name and she reacted thusly:

At the time it was like "Bwah, nice Dana. You go, cougar woman." XD  But now... holy shit, folks. If she made that happen based on a Twitter suggestion?! That is seriously awesome. POWER OF TEH INTERNETZ?!!11!!?!1 (Hope the full story comes out...)