November 18th, 2011

alien cheesecake

Another 'Body of Proof' Set Photo - Happy Friday!

Enormous thanks again to Corey Miller for endeavoring to spoil us a little while we wait until Jamie's Body of Proof episodes air. ;)  Here's a second photo of Jamie and Dana on set this week...

Photo by Corey Miller; click to enlarge

(Admittedly, getting a tiny bit antsy for ABC to officially greenlight more episodes now. Delighted to have three eps worth of Jamie, but starting to rather want more out of this gig... ;) )


"Un Jour Mon Pere Viendra" TEASER TRAILER!

GOOD NEWS: Allocine has posted a teaser trailer for Un jour mon pere viendra! There is no embeddable code available, but you can watch it HERE! (Or click the image above.)

BAD NEWS: Seeing as how it's the teaser for French audiences, they aren't anticipating any language barriers so of course there are no English subtitles.

GOOD NEWS: They chose a clip of Jamie doing his "Actually I'm an American and my French accent is a bit crap" thing, and it's excellent. Hee. Also, o hai there chest. o.O

BAD NEWS: That is the only clip of Jamie in the whole thing. (It's at the very end, BTW.) Merde. ;) Hopefully if/when they release a longer trailer, he'll feature a bit more.

So kind of a mixed bag, but still... it's footage!

EDIT: Forget what I said about no embeddable version. YouTube to the rescue ;)