November 30th, 2011

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Six New Dennys Ilic Photos of Jamie Bamber

Our pal Dennys Ilic has been a busy bee on Twitter the past few days, tweeting Instagram links to a ton of photos. For the benefit of those of you who are not on Twitter, here's a run-down of the Jamie-related goods he released. ;)

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These two shots are from the Apollo Bay (hee) beach photoshoot that the video was edited from:


This one is also from Australia, though since he's in a suit clearly not the beach shoot. (Maybe during John Doe filming?):

This one - which is AMAZING, in case you hadn't noticed. Did I mention it's AMAZING? - is from the BSG Last Days era (similar one is visible briefly in that video). We may have heavily hinted that this is the kind of shot that would make a great print. Juuust saying. ;):

And lastly a behind the scenes on 17th Precinct shot of Jamie and James Callis. (*sniffles for the buddy cop shenanigans that never were*) Dennys is promising a 17P BTS video, too (EDIT: He just added a second one of Jamie & Ron Moore):


So if you're on Twitter, go tap Dennys and tell him thank you! And how much we appreciate his sharing, and he's welcome to share more of the thousands of Jamie shots (Yeah, he said thousands) that he's got any time. ;)

Archie - Why Me - faerie-dance
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Character of the Month: Midshipman Archie Kennedy

Title: Horatio Hornblower: The Duchess and the Devil
Film Date: Premiered April 18, 1999
Availability: DVD

Synopsis: Acting Lieutenant Horatio Hornblower captures the French vessel, Le Reve, and is tasked by Captain Pellew with sailing her back to England as well as returning the Duchess of Wharfedale home. But shortly after beginning their journey, the ship, Hornblower, the Duchess and the crew are captured by the Spanish with Horatio and his men ending up in prison. It's there the story really begins a Horatio is reunited with his lost love former shipmate, Midshipman Archie Kennedy.

Oh, and if you haven't yet seen the Hornblower films (And why haven't you???), yes, I skipped over The Duel which introduced Horatio, and more importantly, Archie to the TV viewing world. See, The Duchess and the Devil is my favorite film in the series and it's my comm so I get to jump ahead if I want. :) All you really need to know from the first film is Hornblower is not the confidant, slightly cocky sailor we see here. He often feels like he's in way over his head. And poor Archie's been abused horribly by a sadistic shipmate, Simpson, leading Archie to frequently have violent 'fits'. Very inconveniently, he has one just as they are about to board an enemy ship, forcing Horatio to knock him out. The last we, and Horatio, see of Archie is as he's floating away on a boat and presumed dead. Oh, yeah, and Horatio kills that bastard Simpson in a duel, hence the name of the film. ;)

Worth Watching? Most Definitely. Archie Kennedy is arguably Jamie's second best role, assuming your me and would argue Lee Adama is his best role. Also on a personal note, I didn't get the whole slash thing until I saw this film.

Does he live or die? In this particular film, Archie is presumed dead and found alive. Thank you Hornblower producers! As for later in the series.....

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Apologies for getting this in just under the wire for November. I'll try better in the future. New Year's resolution. ;)