January 13th, 2012

LOUK - Matt & Ronnie (sitting) - Xiperit
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JBN Exclusive Interview with Law & Order: UK's Emilia di Girolamo

When word got out Jamie was leaving Law & Order: UK, and perhaps sooner than people expected, I asked lead writer and co-producer Emilia di Girolamo if she would be willing to answer a few questions regarding Jamie's departure, as well as other story developments on the series. She graciously agreed and, though she's had an extremely busy schedule since leaving the show, recently found the time to answer our questions. Special thanks to her for taking questions I asked some time ago, prior to the episodes airing in the United States, and providing fresh insight and great answers. :)

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Once again, a big thank you to Emilia for finding the time to answer our questions and provide us with a window into the development of Series 5 and 6 of Law & order: UK. While the show may go on and continue to engross the audience, it won't be quite the same without Emilia and Jamie's talents.