February 21st, 2012

Jamie Fave Shot - Dennys
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Discussion Thread for 'Body of Proof', Episode 2.15, "Occupational Hazards"

"Occupational Hazards" written by Corey Miller (@TooMuchFire) and directed by Matthew Gross (@GMattyG)

After a very long wait, we FINALLY get to see Jamie as Mr. Aiden Wells and, more importantly, being romantic with Dr. Megan Hunt (Dana Delany - @DanaDelany). And this is your place to discuss, analyze or squee about the episode either while you're watching or feel free to come back later after multiple viewings. ;)

Also, @JeriLRyan will be tweeting during the broadcast, if you want to see if she has anything to say about this weeks guest stars. I know Dana hasn't been able to stop talking about Jamie since last week. :)

ETA: The episode is now up on Hulu.

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