March 14th, 2012

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Body of Proof: "Megan in Love: Behind the Scenes"

Thanks to an eagle eyed fan on Twitter (If you're reading this, again, THANK YOU!), we have some AWESOME behind the scenes footage of Jamie (and Dana) discussing the Megan/Aiden relationship and it's evolution. There may also be some additional footage of Jamie half dressed. ;)

But the really interesting news is executive producer Sunil Nayar discusses the Megan/Aiden relationship in Season 3 and that there is "much, much more ground to be explored". So, it would seem they have a plan to have Jamie back, though, again, probably dependent on his availability.

Direct Link

For the folks outside the U.S., sorry, this likely won't play for you. :( But if I find another source, I will definitely link to it!

ETA: If you live in Canada, you can view the video HERE at Thanks, Jennifer, for the tip! :)