March 16th, 2012

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Poll Time! "Monday Mornings" Discussion

Given the "Monday Mornings" chatter I've seen online this week - and that I, and perhaps some others, need additional incentive to get going on reading the book - I was thinking of doing a book club type thing here on the comm. Before I commit to specifics, I want to get a little feedback as to who may be interested and how best to go about doing it. The book is 48 (short) chapters and presumably a pretty quick read, but we all have busy lives (and I'm a notoriously slow reader ;). 

As far as what the discussion would consist of, I'm thinking we could share what we think of the book itself, but would likely focus on what he hope will be included (or not be included) in Chelsea General and where we think the series may go once the source material is used up.

Poll #1826815 Monday Mornings

To Discuss or Not to Discuss...That is the Question

Yes! I'd love to discuss the book.
I have no plans to read the book, but would love to read what others have to say about it.
I'll wait for the movie. I mean, TV series.

Time Frame for Reading and Posting

A single discussion post
A four week discussion (12 Chapters per week)
A six week discussion (8 Chapters per week)

When to Begin

One week from Monday (March 26th)
Two weeks from Monday (April 2nd)