April 12th, 2012

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'Body of Proof' Finale Revelations (Yes, related to Jamie) - SPOILERS!

Any excuse to post a photo. Any at all. ;)

For anyone who isn't still watching/following what's going on on Body of Proof post-Jamie's three episode arc this season: The show aired its season finale this past Tuesday. It's still uncertain whether ABC will renew the show for a third season; multiple reports have the outlook as not good, but on the other hand their ratings have been up and there's a concentrated fan campaign for a renewal going. Per that behind the scenes video on Jamie/Aiden, the producers would love to have him back and he's definitely still in the mix (the past two episodes both mentioned him being out of town, but that he's still very much a part of Megan's life); of course, a pickup for Chelsea General means they'd have to make it work in his schedule.

Anyway, there's an interview up today that we found newsworthy; granted, it involves MAJOR spoilers for the BoP finale, so if you have seen the show already and/or just don't care about being spoiled… venture behind the cut! (It's interesting news. And definitely relevant to our interests. OY!)

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