April 30th, 2012

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"Monday Mornings" Discussion: Chapters 33-41

Happy Monday! Yes, I thought I'd open with humor. Welcome to another "Monday Mornings" discussion. Our second to last. Only one more week to go! WOO!

For this weeks discussion (with the co-operation of zegeekgirl :) I thought I'd do something different with the format. Truth be told, this change was brought about by a combination of headache, laziness and feeling as though, if I just shared my thoughts, I'd be repeating the same criticisms. So, beneath the cut is a DM conversation Zegeekgirl and I had about this weeks reading. It's been edited a bit for clarity as well as possible excessive use of exclamation points and emoticons.

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Keeping with the ripped from the headlines taken from Twitter theme of this post, I tweeted this on Friday:

@jamiebambernews: Deadline Pilot Update: TNT screening pilots next week, #ChelseaGeneral continues to be hot & likely for series order - Deadline Link.

And Kerry shared this on Saturday:

@ImKerryNorton: @JamieBamberNews And rumour has it that a certain someone is brilliant in it and this could be a breakout role :)

Keep thinking those good thoughts, everyone!

Finally, IMDB now has Chelsea General renamed Monday Morning. While I prefer MM as a title (it's less generic), I always take IMDB updates with a very large grain of salt. Especially when they list MM as a TV movie. We'll wait for a more official announcement from TNT (or Kerry ;), before we start editing anything around here.

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