May 16th, 2012

bluuuuuuuue eyes

Happy Upfronts Day! (aka Wednesday Mornings)

 4:45 PST - PHOTO UPDATE! - Finally, we have something of the cast. Not ideal, it's watermarked, but hey... 

Right now, this post is pretty dull and boring. (Not any more - see above. ;) There is a second pic similar to this behind the cut text below...) That's because I'm putting it here in advance of today's TNT Upfront presentation in New York (9:30 AM EST), so that myself, asta77 and all of you will have a place to bounce any photos and links covering Jamie and the Monday Mornings cast and creators' press debut.

So hey, comment away; I'll spruce this bit up here up with a photo when I get one. (Or maybe video? Come on, guys, we need a clip. Do it. Clip or else I want an explanation from Ted Turner himself*. ;) )

*slight exaggeration

And HERE is that amazing pic of Jamie and Mary McDonnell that TNT tweeted:

UPDATE: Okay, TNT have a page up for the show on their site now with this spiffy banner; no trailer yet, though:

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