May 26th, 2012

Jamie pyewpyewpyew

Phoenix Comic-Con Post-Game Show Post!

I know, technically it's not over until tomorrow so it's not a post-game until... oh never mind. ;) 

A hearty WELL DONE and thank you to Matt Lathrum, who posted two outstanding pics of Jamie from Phoenix Comic-Con in his Flickr gallery:

(Images © Matt Lathram)

Click here to see them at full resolution (which you really want to do. REALLY.), and here to see his entire set from PCC so far.

There have been a few assorted fan pics turning up on Twitter, as well, if anything else really awesome turns up we'll point to it; hopefully someone will get Jamie's panel on tape tomorrow. Anyway, post is here now for any found items worth sharing. And anyone who was lucky enough to go (we know there are some of you out there ;) ).... comments are open. GO!

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