June 22nd, 2012

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Un jour mon père viendra: Discussion Thread

  IT'S TIME! Or rather, seeing how quickly Amazon.ca shipped out the Region 1 DVDs, asta77 and I figured enough time had passed for folks on both sides of the Atlantic to receive a copy so we could open a discussion thread for Un jour mon père viendra. Has it been worth the wait? Let's put it this way - there will be discussion. But I think we can all happily agree that the world needs more opportunities for giant, adorable dopey grins like this one...   

(Also, more swim trunks with turtles on them. Who doesn't love turtles?! ;))

  If you haven't ordered your DVD yet, here are those links again: Region 1 (Canada) | Region 2 (France)
Hustle back here and pitch in your thoughts when you get it. This thread isn't going anywhere. ;)

On with the show, then?...
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