September 3rd, 2012


"Perception" 1x08: Discussion Thread

(Criminy, even his COUCH is hot...)

This is Jamie's last episode of Perception. (Aww.) Which means the next thing we see him in will be Monday Mornings, his own damn show where he's a lead! (YAY!) Although that's months away yet. (Aww.) Anyway, let's see how Prof. Hathaway exits, stage left. (I've got a couple of suspicions, one of which I'd vastly prefer to the other, although we'll see. Not placing any bets with this wacky show, man.) I was wrong. I was also not banking on them turning on the actual charm this late in the game. WOT?

Come back after the ep and discuss below!
(Programming note: We will return to our previously scheduled Dragon*Con 2012 post-show updates shortly. ;) )

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Jamie pyewpyewpyew

Dragon*Con Day 3 Photos!

  Don't you love it when you hit the shutter at just the right moment? HOLA there, JB. ;)    

I'm home now and asta77 should be getting in any minute now; as soon as she's rested (and REST first if you have to, Cap'n, you've earned it ;) ) she will have the video from Day 3, as well as pics and video from Day 4 (which I sadly was unable to attend, I had to fly back to LA quite early. Work tomorrow. Next D*C I'll be damned sure I don't have to skip a day!)

BUT, in the meantime, I've updated my Photobucket D*C folder with Sunday's shots. I tried to take more pics of Katee this time since she was absent on Saturday, but didn't get many of Trucco unfortunately as there was an enormous Lurch-sized dude blocking that angle. But still some great shots to tide y'all over with for now. :)

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