September 10th, 2012

Jamie B&W - Dennys
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Dragon*Con 2012: The Last Post?

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The rest of my photos from Days 2, 3 and 4 of Dragon*Con can be found HERE on Photobucket. And if you'd like to see some really nice photos, let my direct you towards some fine folks on Flickr: insanitydriven, eeskatyel, rococoms and mabaslucyfur.

And Michael Trucco posted this lovely group shot on Day 3 of the convention...

Finally, I had a couple of stories from my time talking to Jamie at the Walk of Fame I wanted to share. Actually, one story I'll start and let zegeekgirl finish. ;) Collapse )

ETA: Annnd, I'm pretty sure I forgot to post this earlier. We Wear Pink on Wednesdays posted a brief interview with Jamie conducted at D*C. He talks about the convention and how it's changed and Monday Mornings.

ETA 2: Found some more lovely photos on Flickr courtesy of ALH Photos.