September 13th, 2012

Jamie B&W - Dennys
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Jamie Bamber News Interview with Jamie Bamber

At Dragon*Con this year, zegeekgirl and I were fortunate to have the opportunity to interview Jamie. The interview was to be posted Monday, after Dragon*Con news had subsided, but I realized late last week Jamie Bamber News would be celebrating it's sixth anniversary today. And a good way to mark the occasion seemed to be an interview with the man himself. Now, if we can only find a way to do this every year. ;)

Once again, I'd like to thank Jamie for his time. By Saturday evening, it was quite clear just how demanding a convention schedule can be for the guests. He was not only extremely accommodating fitting us into his schedule, but when we wondered, logistically, how we would pull this off, he suggested meeting after a photo op and assured us he would not leave the room until he saw us. And what was supposed to be a ten minute interview turned into twenty as he would ask if there was anything else. Have no doubt, he is as nice a guy as you believe him to be. Sorry if I'm embarrassing you, Jamie. :)

I also need to thank Jamie's publicist, Craig, who dealt with me for three weeks and was great about not forgetting about me. Jamie's D*C handler, Valerie. And Kennedy, who worked for either D*C or Froggy's Photos, who was incredibly sweet, helpful and made sure we got into the photo op area to talk with Jamie. (The one downside of conducting an interview in the photo op room: it didn't seem wise to ask for a photo in there. Hence, I'm recycling a photo from Saturday's panel.)

And since this is JBN's anniversary, I really need to thank all of you for the support and being a really awesome group of fans and making the site what it is today. Even with Live Journal's problems, I hate to think I may ever have to move the site elsewhere and potentially lose the community atmosphere that LJ provides.

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