December 17th, 2012

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Ioan Gruffudd to Guest Star on "Monday Mornings"


Retribution: Archie & Horatio

This best sums up my immediate reactions upon learning the news....

Iron Man - OMG

Despicable Me Minions

OK, enough of that (but everyone else feel free to abuse the GIFs in comments :). Getting back to the actual VERY EXCITING Monday Mornings news, TNT released a bunch of press material today. All of the information can be found at the TNT Newsroom. Some of the 'new' information, such as Jamie's bio, I think we know pretty well. ;) The best of the press pack is the descriptions for all of the first season episodes. Which, thankfully, included upcoming guest stars so we weren't forced to endure a looooooong wait as to who the very exciting guest star we'd be uber excited about would be that Kerry hinted at some weeks ago. And, yes, Kerry was right to use "uber excited" in reference to Ioan! :D

Now, for the sake of those wishing to remain unspoiled, I'm putting the episode descriptions behind a cut. If you choose to read them, do feel free to discuss in comments since, if you also read the book, it's interesting to see how DEK & Co. are approaching the material in the series. As for the non-spoilery bits about Ioan's guest turn, he'll play Dr. Stewart Delany in episode 107, "Truth or Consequences". A Doctor! We can only hope there will be some heated discussions between he and Ty. And if there are no TNT pre-emptions, the episode should air in late March.

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And we're not sure where this originated from, but here is a brief scene from the Monday Mornings pilot:

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