February 4th, 2013

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Happy "Monday Mornings" Day!

The day has finally arrived! Yes, I'm going to abuse exclamation points!!! In less than eleven hours, Monday Mornings will have it's debut. Of course, until 10pm est/9cst on TNT, in the US, and Bravo, in Canada, there is still a final media and publicity push.

Jamie, Jennifer Finnigan and Dr Sanjay Gupta appeared on today's episode of the The Doctors. It doesn't air until later in the afternoon in my part of the world, but the clip of Jamie and Jen has already been posted to the show's website. (Sorry, the video code, once again, seems incompatible with LJ.)

Some more reviews/interviews (as if we didn't have enough to read!):

Variety: 'Monday Mornings' Review - While the show has been "cast to the hilt", they feel the program's central device overwhelms the more promising elements.

Alan Sepinwall at Hitflix: Review: TNT's 'Monday Mornings's offers a refreshingly restrained David E. Kelley - A very positive review, which makes me happy because Alan's a reviewer whose opinion I consistently trust.

Digital Journal: Jamie Bamber discovers acting is brain surgery on Monday Mornings - A lengthy interview with Jamie, although some of it I've read before so I think it was pulled together from various discussions.

Brittany Frederick/Starplus: Jamie Bamber: One of TV's Top Actors Returns in 'Monday Mornings' - I know Brittany and I know she's a long time fan - as we are :) - so she looks at his career beyond MM.

ET Online: How 'Monday Mornings' Transforms The Medical Drama - Brief interview with Jamie.

Fanhattan: Exclusive Interview: Jamie Bamber on 'Monday Mornings' - Jamie discusses a plot point that was changed from the book, which is interesting, but a spoiler, so you may want to save this for later reading.

AfterElton: Jamie Bamber Is Back (in a Towel, Perhaps?) in 'Monday Mornings' - And I thought we might get through an entire publicity cycle without a mention of The Towel. I would be wrong. ;p But it's a nice little interview with some insights into the show and his character.

And just a reminder that we will be posting a discussion post this evening. It should be up shortly before the premiere. Feel free to share your thoughts during the show or stop by anytime after. We know some people will have to work a little harder to watch and that can take time. ;)

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'Monday Mornings' Episode Discussion Thread: "Pilot"

Holy cow, you guys, it's finally here! Monday Mornings airs on the East Coast in just a couple of hours, so it's time for our Episode Discussion thread. Which would be this thread. Right here. Heeeeee.

While we wait, why don't you all enjoy a clip featuring Jamie, Ving Rhames and Tara Summers from tonight's pilot? (thanks ET Online for the lovely surprise!)

And once you have seen the episode... go forth! Discuss! Be vocal! Be thoughtful! Be giddy! Be ALL THE THINGS in the comments. ;)

One more thing: We previously posted the iTunes and Yahoo subscription information for the show, however for those with cable providers who want to watch again online you can do so for free using TNT's TV Everywhere site. Be warned, though, certain cable providers cannot access this service (Including big ones like Time Warner - WTF?!), so it's not the greatest option for some. But it's there! 

EDIT 2/5 lindy_tales as kindly shared her screen caps from the episode, should you want them. And WHY NOT? :)

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(I need to know if that photo on Ty's desk of of himself surfing. This is a need that I have. Just FYI.)