February 5th, 2013

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It's Tuesday, but More "Monday Mornings"

So, are you as sick of these frequent posts as I am? I KID! I KID! ;D I think it's safe to say we're all thrilled by the quantity and quality of stuff we've been given lately.

A couple more postmortems reviews of the Monday Mornings pilot:

Cinemablend: Monday Mornings Review: Hospital Drama Offers Fresh Cases, Raw Emotions - Another positive review.

The AV Club: 'Monday Mornings' Review - There's a lot I like about this review and a lot I agree with, which is why I'm sharing it. HOWEVER, I have to STRONGLY disagree with who they site as a "weak link" in the cast. I would argue there are NO weak links.

ETA: The overnight ratings are coming in and they're not great. :/ TNT's rating due to tend to be lower in the fall/winter when competing with the broadcast networks, but Southland, their lowest rated show, tends to average around 1.8 million viewers. It does seems like Dallas not helpful in drawing in viewers. I suspect people are tuning out following Larry Hagman's death and knowing JR will soon be gone. Also, while I credit TNT with putting a lot of promos on the air (even on other networks), I did wonder if they didn't sell the premise as well as they should have. Things can still turn around from word of mouth and people catching repeat airings throughout the week. Time will tell.

If you were curious as to how Monday Mornings evolved from script to screen (short answer: A LOT), TV Writing has posted a second draft of the pilot script. (There are also links to BSG scripts at the site.)

TNT's Nordic YouTube Channel has posted a bunch of clips from upcoming episodes. Even the title of one clip is spoilery so I'm doing some general link naming just in case you want to remain completely unspoiled going forward.

            M&M Room 311 - another doctor on the hot seat

            Dr. Sydney Napur and Dr. John Lieberman Scene

            Tina and her husband have a talk.

            Ty in Surgery. A scene from the third episode. It's Jamie-centric and basically Ty spouting a lot of technical jargon, humorously, so I think it's safe to embed. ;)